Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to the Segrest Farms Aquablog!

Welcome friends, followers, fellow hobbyists and fish lovers to our blog! We are excited to launch this blog in the first days of the new year, 2013, which promises to be a big year for all things aquatic!

So why a blog? Put simply, to connect. In early 2012 Segrest Farms took the plunge into social media, and now less than a year later it has proven to be the most powerful and useful tool for engaging, sharing, and connecting with not only our customers and fellow members of the industry but the wider world of passionate aquarists and hobbyists to which we are inextricably linked. And now more than ever before we feel that connection is of critical importance to ensure the continued success of the aquarium hobby, ornamental aquaculture, and the trade which supports them.

This blog will allow us to share candidly and in detail our thoughts, comments, and opinions on a number of subjects relating in some way or other to fishkeeping. It will present a nuanced voice- and speak for us- as a large and influential member of the aquatics industry, as a major supplier and producer of ornamental fish, as fishkeepers and aquarists on a grand scale, and, perhaps most importantly, as hobbyists ourselves with an innate appreciation and deep passion for the husbandry, care, and culture of aquatic organisms.

We hope you enjoy reading and following us as we make this venture into waters unknown (another bad pun- sorry!) and shed a little light on what has traditionally been a largely 'behind-the-scenes' aspect of the industry. We look forward to suggestions about what content would interest you most, and hope you will feel free to share and comment on our entries. Most importantly, we wish you happy fishkeeping in 2013 and beyond!



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  1. I think a blog will be great addition to segrest social notifications